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*Psst* Question, do you think I should Upload the lewd versions of the beach pic I made for Mana? 

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Nothing much to say, I'm just an amateur artist.

Most of my artwork is on my personal account :iconinsert-name-here13:
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8 facts about Kobolt Walthers:

  1. Kobolt's character was inspired from Germanic story, Faust/A Tragedy. Its mostly some elements from the story shared with his own backstory and other characters he meets. Hes also heavily influenced by The Snow Queen, and to a lesser extent its movie adaptation, Frozen. This is where I got his semblance, the extent to which he can use it, and his personality.
  2. His parents decided to unlock his aura when he was born (which is an extremely dangerous thing to do in my headcanon), due to family traditions on Opal's side of the family. This caused him to unlock his semblance by the time he was four.
  3. On team WYRM, Kobolt actually knew Rosetta before they enrolled in beacon, well they barely knew each other. When he first came to Vale, he got lost in the city and met a "cat" faunus with a peculiar coat. They hung out for a bit before she just disappeared. Ever since, he'd leave food behind his cousin's house for her every few days.
  4. Hes had two scars over his chest ever since he was six years old. One of them is claw marks from a lesser grimm that goes over his heart. The other stretches from his left cheek down to his abs; This one was from an accident with his semblance. He would have ended up freezing himself to death, but his mother tore the ice off his chest before he could spread, then expended all her aura to heal his wounds. She froze to death in the process.
  5. Because of his scar, his neck and chest are significantly more sensitive than any other part of his body. He tends to be incredibly protective over his neck, even padding it when he heads out for missions. Despite this, he developed a secret kink for biting and vampire themed "roleplaying" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. In one head canon of mine, its entirely possible that the Walthers family is distantly related to :icondonutman012:'s Azure family. Both families originate from Atlas, both families share hereditary traits of white hair with blue eyes, and both families have a large affinity for ice and snow.
  7. Kobolt's Families, the Walthers and the Fubuki Clan, have been long time rivals since LONG before the Great War, constantly fighting against each other for the simplest reasons. They were able to come to a truce however when members of the Cait family were able to warn them of the impending war. Since then they've been able to tolerate eachother, that was until the deaths of Opal and Duncan, whos deaths have remained a mystery to them to this day.
  8. As of Volume 3, Kobolt is the third most talented semblance user of the Fubuki Clan, only being held back by his insecurities over losing control. At this point he's been able to manipulate large bodies of ice with relative ease, create a set of ice armor and weapons, all with relatively little training in the Fubuki Clan's techniques.
And, so... I'll tag:
:iconroselinath: Roselinath
:icondgsilv3r: Sera Lykan
:iconhearts-and-pins: Vladimir Heliotrope Hatter
:iconhiddensiren: Mary Liseran
:iconinfectitious: Yue Hinto
GhettoBird95: Atria Melayne
:iconjetterebus: Terra Imperia
:iconkazenokami1: Mella Mavros
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Okeh, I'mma make Team WYRM's normal outfits, THEN Imma design their time skip outfits
Minor Update: I forgot to give Mana her tattoos
[RWBY OC] Mana Wysteria by IndecisiveFigure

Love the way this request came out!!
Fanon WoR - The Vacuous Ones (Request) by lightning-in-my-hand
Fanon WoR - The Vacuous Ones (Request)
The Tribe Of The Vacuous Ones

    The Vacuous Ones are a xenophobic tribe of isolationists nomads that travel through the deserts of Vacuo. Their sole purpose of their existence is to create a perfect society, free from prejudices and internal conflict.

    The tribe was founded after the Great War, nearly a century ago. Back then, the tribe's existence was commonly known as an experimental community trying to cope with its losses from the war. They mainly consisted of refugees from every civilized corner of Remnant. At first they kept in close contact with the outside world, trading and communicating with the four kingdoms regularly. This kept up for a couple of years before the tribe mysteriously disappears after a great sandstorm had destroyed their initial settlement.

    Nowadays they don't have any issues with self sufficiency due to their possession of genetically modified vegetables that can grow faster than normal and requiring less nutrients to grow in the desert's treacherous environments. To this day, it is still unknown how they got a hold of these GMOs. Their sources of meat is collected by hunting from the desert's wildlife.

    The tribe didn't produce much before they disappeared beyond fabrics and medicinal herbs. Most of their resources were imported from the other kingdoms, since it had difficulties with self sufficiency near its beginning. The tribe has an average population of one hundred thousand tribesmen. Their populations consist of an even mixture of Humans and Faunus, so half breeds are commonplace in the tribe nowadays.

Early on, the tribe adopted a custom of wearing a specially made robes with eared hoods, as a sign of their unity. They adopted the eared designs to accommodate for each of the different types of faunus in the tribe, they're spacious enough to fit bunny ears, horns, and antlers. Now the tribe has been able to remain unknown to the rest of the world because of their brave protectors, The Guardians of the Sands, or the Guardians for short.

The Guardians of the Sands follow the Tenets slightly differently than the rest of the tribe. In order to enforce the tenets, they have to leave the tribe, so that means they end up learning about the outside world on their travels. Depending on how much they learn and whether or how chatty they are, they're allowed to remain within the tribe so long as knowledge of the outside world isn't shared.

The Guardians are divided into three different branches, The Enforcers, The Scouts, and The Grimalkin.

    The Enforcers are the most commonly seen form of the guardians. They're the tribe's version of the huntsmen, keeping the peace in the tribe. They're identified by their tanned robes with color custom tribal markings along the rims

    The Scouts are the just that, they leave the tribe locate runaways and anyone who has knowledge of the tribe's existence. They can be identified by their silver and green robes

    The Grimalkin are one of the possible outcomes for someone who breaks the Vacuous Tenets. They're tribesmen who were kidnapped, have their memories wiped, and are forced into becoming a Guardian. They can typically be found as the Elders, and their families' bodyguards, or outside of the tribe doing special missions for the elders. They can be identified by their black and grey robes, some of them even wear half masks that either cover their eyes or mouths.


The Vacuous Ones by :iconindecisivefigure:

As always, Wallpaper size for your convenience.

Quote from a close friend of mine:

One year ago today, was the most uneventful day. Absolutely nothing happened today last year. The next day, however, Monty left go on a vacation in Cancun. He came back a few months later and resumed his regular life. He still is at Rooster Teeth, doing what he loves.

*gross sobbing in the distance as I rock back and forth in complete denial*


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